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Housing Resource Fair in Northend Detroit 

Get FREE MORTGAGE OR TAX FORECLOSURE ASSISTANCE at our Housing Resource Fair on Thursday September 4 from 5:30-8:30 pm at Vanguard CDC, 2785 East Grand Boulevard

Facing foreclosure is difficult. But you don’t have to face it alone.
Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) is here to help. Join us at our upcoming Housing Resource Fair at Vanguard CDC, located at 2785 East Grand Boulevard to learn more about our free foreclosure prevention assistance.

Please see attached flyer for more information.
Note that you must pre-register online or by phone:
This is how to connect with Michigan’s “Hardest Hit” Funding, a program that properties in Northend qualify for assistance.

     Eleanore Eveleth
     Senior Project Manager, Special Projects

     Vanguard Community Development Corporation
     2795 East Grand Boulevard
     Detroit, MI 48211

     Phone: (313) 556-2014
     Cell: (313) 402-2593
     Fax: (313) 872-9433
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Community Groups Release Plan for Detroit based on Resident’s Needs.  Input of Detroiter’s voices and concerns is crucial to reestablishing democracy.

For Immediate Release

News Release
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Contact: Shea Howell -  313-282-7669

DETROIT – Monday, at Historic King Solomon Baptist Church, a coalition of community based groups released a plan to directly engage Detroiters in charting a course for their future.  The National Action Network (NAN), Moratorium Now and Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM) were among the groups releasing the “People’s Plan for Restructuring: Toward a Sustainable Detroit”(  That plan will be the center of the “Emergency Town Hall Meeting,” Sunday, March 2, 3:00 p.m. at Central United Methodist Church, Woodward and Grand Circus Park.

“Governor Snyder’s plan is unjust, inequitable, and unfair. Detroiters and pensioners bailed out the Wall Street interests in 2008. Bond holders and banks must to take deeper cuts. We plan to submit an official objection” said Reverend Charles E. Williams, president, National Action Network, Michigan Chapter.

Highlights of the “People’s Plan for Restructuring” include

• Addressing the actual number attached to Detroit’s bankruptcy proceedings, namely the $198 million annual shortfall in revenue versus the billions falsely claimed by the Snyder Orr team
• Bank of America, UBS and any other Wall Street firms must immediately terminate the toxic interest rate swaps without penalties or further payment
• Pensioners should be held harmless, with no cuts to their income and all medical benefits restored
• Return the Detroit Public Schools and the seized EAA schools to the control of the democratically elected School Board and introduce place-based education for children, adults and elders coming together to revitalize Detroit
• Fulfill the obligation of the City Charter to establish Citizens Advisory Councils
• Require enforceable Community Benefit Agreements that are accountable to those most affected by all corporate economic development

“From reversing the illegal and immoral ‘swap’ deals with the likes Bank of America and UBS to reorienting schools based on the needs of families and communities, the People’s Plan was created with the needs of residents, city workers and retirees at the center of the process,” said Fred Vitale of Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management.  “It is also a living document and the coalition will seek more community input during the People’s Assembly, March 2 at Central United Methodist.”

Moratorium Now announcement

Learn more about the #PeoplesPlan at

Vanguard Community Development Corporation in partnership with Michigan Lending Solutions and the Detroit Corridor Initiative, along with support from The Kresge Foundation and Capital Impact Partners, will offer financial assistance to homeowners in Detroit’s North End neighborhood to repair and rehabilitate their residences through the RESTORE NORTH END: Owner-Occupied Home Rehab Program in two very specific target areas of The North End neighborhood to repair and rehabilitate their residences with the main purpose of eliminating blighted conditions by increasing the attractiveness, marketability and viability of the neighborhood’s most stable residential blocks.

The target areas are:

  • Woodward on the West, Mt. Vernon to the North, Oakland to the East & Chandler to the South.
  • Arden Park-East Boston Neighborhood and surrounding blocks which include Belmont, Trowbridge, Westminister and Kenilworth.

Applications are now available! They can be picked up at our office, located at 2795 East Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48211.

Due to the amount of money available for this pilot program, only 100 applications will be available to start. Applications will be handed out on a first come, first served basis. 

For more info about program, please visit

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Urban Expressions Art Festival: The Healing

Taking place at Oakland Avenue Community Garden and Green House, 9354 Oakland Ave, Detroit 48211
August 24 from 11am - 8pm


U.S. State Department Exposed For Pushing Biotech Seed Industry’s Global Agenda

“This report provides a chilling snapshot of how a handful of giant biotechnology companies are unduly influencing U.S. foreign policy and undermining our diplomatic efforts to promote security, international development and transparency worldwide …

March Against Monsanto May 25 world-wide

MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO world-wide on May 25
The US State Department are SEED PUSHERS in the global economy. Get them hooked and drag them under.

In Detroit at Eastern Market 10am on May 25

(via occupydetroitvoices)

MUFI Volunteer Day this Saturday @MiUrbanFarm 

Come join us Saturday, March 23rd, from 8am to 3pm as members of the The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI), the North End Community, and students from University of Michigan work together to gut and deconstruct blighted homes, prepare garden beds for spring, pick up trash, etc. as we kick off the spring volunteer season with The Detroit Partnership! No sign up necessary (unless you are a UofM student and want to volunteer through @The Detroit Partnership, in which case sign up here Come out and join the fun! — at The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI).

Twitter | Facebook event | Facebook Page


It Takes A Village Y’All with Robert Lewis Robinson II

Application video for Black Male Engagement grant funding.
Please vote using this link!

What is the project and what are you trying to accomplish?: “It Takes a Village Y’all is a more than just a community service organization located in Detroit, MI we are A MOVEMENT, inspiring and mobilizing the citizens of Detroit to get out and get active in the communities that we live and work in every day. It starts with US! The “It Takes a Village Y’all Project” is to capture condition and challenge the mindset of people empowering them with the knowledge and means of self-sufficiency and becoming productive members of society. The project provides resources for those of need; facilitates workshops on, literacy, resume development, career research, continued education preparation, anger management, social skills, safe sex education, parenting, family and peer development. In addition the project will host field trips bringing cultural and social community awareness. The heartbeat of our organization is giving back and the love that we have for our seniors, our youth and our communities. We honor and celebrate our seniors, encourage and motivate our youth and we believe in the communities that make up our great city and stand in the gap because It Takes A Village Y’all.

Who will benefit from this project and how will the project engage others in the community? Families and society as a whole will benefit and our hope is others grasp the concept that “It Takes a Village Y’all” and start being the change they want to see and not a product of an environment labeled as the “Most Dangerous and Miserable” city.

How does the project involve other people and organizations to achieve its goals? Please describe any partnerships: “It Takes a Village Y’all” speaks volumes because it takes the community to stand together to achieve a common goal of a better community. We work effortlessly with various organizations to include but not limited to; Detroit Hope Church, Forgotten Harvest, Mothers Of Murdered Children, Inc., Daddy’s Little Girls Mentoring, United Communities of America, Unify Detroit Coalition, Breast Feeding Moms Unite, Crime Stoppers the Detroit Police and Fire departments and mass community members. We have network of over 1,000 volunteers serving as a positive example through diligence to see a better Detroit. It Takes a Village Y’all collaborates with many organizations to empower and engage others. Our emphasis is on the black males in Detroit between the ages of 15 and 24 because they are dying at a rate that is roughly seven times higher than the rest the Detroit population.

What is your estimated budget for completing this project? How will you use BMe funding? Your best guess is acceptable: The estimated budget for the project is undetermined it depends on community need. It Takes a Village Y’all initiatives are primarily funded by council members Bryon Hill and Tondochan Hatchett whom donated more than $18,000 for the 2012 year. Funding including monthly senior citizen events, backpack giveaways, feeding the homeless, holiday meals, clothing donations, and workshops. With BMe funding the It Takes a Village Y’all Project will be able to serve in a more proactive manner and aid more people. All funding will be applied to building the village.

My comment with vote:

I met Robert when Occupy Detroit started Oct 2011. There was friction as things started and he was a key catalyst in bringing peace. Since that time we’ve grown to understand those resources we bring to each other. His friendship as an ally is invaluable. He is a true blessing to Detroit through the mission he walks and those he brings and encounters on that journey.

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Quinn Klinefelter, NPR,
March 8, 2012


NPR Audio: Commuters Suffer As Detroit Cuts Bus Service

March 8, 2012 by Quinn Klinefelter of NPR

TONI COLEMAN: Now, I’m having to get off work almost an hour earlier because I can’t get on a bus at five o’clock. The buses are too crowded and they don’t stop. Hour’s worth of pay because of the changes in the bus system.

KLINEFELTER: Coleman’s one of the more than 100,000 Detroiters who depend on buses for daily travel, but there’s been fewer travel options of late after the city cut overnight bus service and eliminated several routes.

About four miles from Detroit’s city limits, Carlette Nicole Ingram settles into a SMART bus seat and prepares for a trip that used to take two hours and now takes four.

City of Detroit and Transit perspectives 1 year later

by Stephen Boyle 

Projected progress on mass transit for Detroit in Winter 2012-13 remains dismal. Increasing transit service is not expected any time soon. The most significant change looming is phase I of constructing the M-1 Light Rail project since it has private backing and federal funding support. However the M-1 project is seen as a “bigger People Mover” project by a large number of people who continue to be underserviced with basic transportation throughout the city.

Public outcry is apparent but how the city is running evades being transparent.

The Bing administration continues to surprise the public through short notices on meetings, unannounced land development deals, and side-room arrangements to bring consultants in rather than working in-house and restructuring City of Detroit staff. The audience is selected to discuss his Transforming Detroit initiatives as the interest moves forward in attracting new Detroit residents rather than dealing with those that continue to reside in the city.

City residents are the target of reduced services such as parks going without maintenance, public lighting entrusted to a new municipal authority, and property given away to reduce the burden of maintenance costs. Public meetings following Michigan’s Open Meetings Act are required to allow public comment. The public of Detroit has been escalating attendance and voice with each opportunity given by the Mayor or City Council.

However we have learned after so many attempts that we have to escalate the situation higher than the city or the state. A petition to the White House and Department of Justice has been created - we need people to sign [link is, this link is case sensitive]. Michigan is loosing any sense of democracy for the poor. Communities are being bought out, torn apart, citizens ignored all for the sake of privatized corporate interests intent on acquiring bargain pricing on what many perceive as a diamond in the rough. Dictators are being brought in to arrest the powers of elected officials and hold the public as servants - collecting taxes without voting rights or participation in governance.

City Concerns - Budget Woes Lead to Consent Agreement

At the end of 2011 a Detroit Review Team was formed with representatives from State of Michigan, City administration, and corporate leaders. The review team held a number of closed meetings from January through March 2012. The results of those meetings was presented in a report to Governor Rick Snyder on March 26 2012. The team had found the following:

  • City violated Uniform Budgeting & Accounting Act (PA 2, 1968), section 17. Line items in the CAFR ending June 30, 2010 exceeded budget amounts by nearly $58 million. Unaudited 2011 line items amounting to $97 million exceeded budget. A point of clarity and weakness in the law indicating that City Council shall amend the general appropriations was found inappropriate. City Council is unable to initiate budget amendments. It became apparent the chief administrative officer or fiscal officer shall present to City Council recommendations, which if adopted, would prevent expenditures from exceeding available revenues for the fiscal year.

The city is under a Consent Agreement (in brief | in full) protracted with the State of Michigan whereby the Chief Financial Officer (Jack Martin) working with a Programs Management Director (Kriss Andrews) have created a Milestone Agreement with progress reports delivered to a nine member Financial Advisory Board. The State is on the line issuing bonds on behalf of Detroit and provide proceeds to the city as it meets milestones. However the interest on those bonds is being paid by the City even while bond funds are held waiting for delivered results. During several meetings City Council woman JoAnn Watson has stated the State is extorting the City. The group Free Detroit No Consent questions when extortion became legal in the State of Michigan. It appears the Governor, State Treasurer, and Attorney General have in essence indicated “it is better this way”, when referring to Detroit under a Consent Agreement rather than with an Emergency Manager. Meaning the arrangement of paying over $1 million for these added positions is better than the State assigning an Emergency Manager. That Emergency Manager law was successfully repealed by voters across Michigan during the election on November 6, 2012.

City of Detroit officials have been meeting the demands with difficulty on consensus. Council has been openly ridiculed for opposition in the press by journalists, and officials from the State and City. Court cases brought forward to halt the Consent Agreement or slow it down have met resistance from the chairperson of the State Board of Ethics, John Pirich and lawyers principally from the firm Miller Canfield Paddock and Stone. 

Free Detroit No Consent has been working on ethics complaints against a dozen elected and appointed city officials have over 300 complaints on file with the Detroit Board of Ethics requesting investigation and removal from office. Additionally a recall campaign of Mayor Dave Bing was launched October 2012. Neither of these efforts was able to remove the mayor.



March 7, 2013 while a Quality of Life Town Hall was being held with the public, the mayor was making a statement to the press that he was resigned to allow the State of Michigan to impose an Emergency Manager. Thus he is abdicating his duty as mayor by transferring authority trusted to him through the City Charter, which he is once again violating. City Council Pro-Tem Gary Brown has also conceded his position by aligning with granting the State dictatorial control over the city through an emergency manager.

Neither believes they have resigned from office in making their statement that they will not defend the city from takeover.

An opportunity to speak with State Treasurer Andy Dillon was offered to Council woman JoAnn Watson and a guest. She brought Tom Barrow, CPA with her and the findings in the ensuing conversation lead to the conclusion that the financial emergency is contrived by the state. Read more through this linked post at Free Detroit.


Buses runs were cut March 4, 2012. No night bus service prevents Detroiters from accessing jobs during off-shifts or early morning start times. The impact is most difficult for those that have to transfer between buses to reach their destination. The majority of basic wage earning jobs are available outside core business hours, and the bus service hours have been narrowed to serve those core hours as best possible.

Scheduling an extra hour before your day begins cuts into many lives in ways that for many are unimaginable.

Consider the stress in these situations…

  • Being a care giver for an elder that can’t be transferred until day service opens
  • Parents with children that are headed to school and need supervision until their school day begins
  • Potentially full buses translate to waiting for the next bus and the wait between buses has increased from 5-30 minutes between
  • Service begin times on some routes simply don’t work for a start time before 8:30-9:00 am when you factor in a transfer along the way and delays or missed transfer points encountered

The War on Poverty has become a War on the Poor due to misguided decisions. When people can’t get to work and loose their jobs it translates into loss of homes and increasing the number of families sliding from poor to extremely poor.

According to Kids Count 2012 Detroit statistics our children are suffering as much or more than their parents. 

  • 64% of children are in families where no parent has full-time, year-round employment.
  • 22% of children are in families with no adults working.

Poverty for our children combined with insufficient transportation means families stuck on food assistance programs. Shopping trips are more frequent and carry fewer items if you are carrying bags rather than tossing them into a vehicle.

The numbers above don’t take into account this change in transportation occurring in 2012, which will result in a significant increase. A more recent statistic is that 57.3% of families with children under 18 are below poverty income for a family of four.  Female head of household with 3 children are 66% of the time below poverty.

The demand from the public is that legislators and officials ensure there is a future of hope for our youth in the Metro Detroit area. We are seeing a School-To-Prison Pipeline becoming increasingly evident as the state is pulling public education funding into privately managed charter schools and establishing the EAA state-wide school district for low-achieving schools. These schools will emphasize using online learning, and have uncertified teaching staff and administrators that are coming in from assignments overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other territories the US has installed military “assistance” / coup.

The war is being brought home - it is THE WAR ON THE POOR


Election Commission meets to approve petition to RECALL MAYOR BING 

Meeting Tuesday Oct 23 @ 10am, CAYMC Room 201 

Many people are questioning what the next step is - who to elect… One thing is certain if Proposal 12-1, Emergency Manager Law doesn’t get repealed (VOTE NO ON PROPOSAL 1) there may not be an opportunity for elected government to have much opportunity in Detroit. If Public Act 4 is not repealed whomever gets elected is a puppet of the State of Michigan, simply doing their bidding.

Who is working on the voice of the people?
Check with organizations holding a candidate forum.
Watch these groups: Vote VIP Slate, We The People of Detroit, Occupy Detroit, Hood Research, and read The Michigan Citizen & Voice of Detroit. It is important to educate and inform in ways the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge. This is a grassroots campaign and each person’s voice matters.

If you are thinking about running:

  • Gather a team to assist you that has the contacts and skills to be effective.
  • Get to know the issues and make a path on how you will weigh in on them.

The 2013 Elections

The next City Regular Primary Election for City elected officials will be held on August 6, 2013, and the next City Regular General Election will be held on November 5, 2013.  

These elections will determine the district members for the City Council and the Board of Police Commissioners; Mayor of Detroit; City Council at-large members; and more.